Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Sponsorship page open

It's the season of almsgiving, and our sponsorship page is now open! Please consider kicking off our fundraising effort by making a donation to support the work of our wonderful charities.

Please consider taking a few minutes to register and make a donation online, as it makes our fundraising much simpler. If you pay tax, please state this when you donate so Gift Aid can be claimed. There is no charge to the donor for registering or making a donation; details about how Charity Giving handles the money are on their website.

We're slowly but surely adding names to our group of riders. If your name could be one of them, please get in touch by emailing hy8at@hyms.ac.uk.  

As always, please remember the trip in your prayers.


  1. When will you be setting off from John o' Groats? I'm in Orkney, so I might be able to join you for the first few miles - or at least wave you off from the other side of Pentland Firth!

    1. Hi Ben, Sorry for the delayy replying. We are leaving from John O'Groats on the morning of Monday 9th July. We actually arrive in John O'Groats a few days before, and were thinking of visiting the Orkney Islands for Sunday and attending Mass there, as we won't be in the vicinty again!
      Do you know if anyone might have a floor we could sleep on, or an outside space we could erect a tent in for a night or two?
      My email is hy8at@hyms.ac.uk. You'd also be very welcome to cycle with us for the first few miles!
      God bless
      Anna-Marie Treloar

    2. Hi Anna-Marie, I've sent you an email! Ben