Saturday, 14 July 2012

Day 13, Glasgow to Dumfries

Blog posts are getting shorter, we're all a bit tired in the evening! We're even a day behind, but here goes...
We left Glasgow eventually, after a slow start, and started on the road. And then actually left Glasgow a few hours later, as Glasgow is massive, we discovered...

A slow morning's cycling, with the compulsory puncture from Greg O'Connor, followed by a beautiful afternoon's cycling into Ayrshire. The ride into Dumfries was a over 30 miles of descent with stunning scenery, and even a bit of sun!

Real Scottish thistle!

So we turned up in Dumfries at about 7pm, and went to the parish of St Andrews, where we were staying for the night, and were overwhelmed with a fantastic welcome and dinner! We've even taken a photo of our pudding for you- a trifle made by a lovely parishoner called Mary, who also made us chicken pie- we called it Mary's Meal! Fr David Borland, the parish priest, and a visiting Ugandan priest entertained us with some great conversation over dinner.
Mary's yummy trifle

The next morning, we stayed for the Saturday morning Mass in St Andrew's parish, followed by exposition. Here's a photo of us with the lovely parishoners sending us off on our way.
Parish of St Andrew's, Dumfries

Thank you St Andrews!

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Many thanks for kind remarks re grub,not to mention the pic.Glad you enjoyed your visit to St Andrews,as we in turn enjoyed meeting you all. May St Christopher go with you, and not too many punctures,all the best Mary