Sunday, 15 July 2012

Day 14: Dumfries to Carlisle

Another blog post! We are becoming very conscientious, since parents/friends have loved the recent blogging frenzy. We shall try to keep it up, but want to make clear that if it is a choice between blogging and sleeping, the latter will definitely take precedence. Sorry mum(s).

Leaving St Andrew's, Dumfries, we cycled roughly 5 miles before stopping at an ice cream farm which came highly recommended. Flavours abounded: apple crumble, lemon and lime, banana fudge, cherry cola, the list goes on. 
Loving the ice cream

Continuing on our way, we reached a particularly significant milestone: we crossed from Scotland to England!
James welcomes us to England

We met James Knox (far left in above photo), at whose house we stayed, in Gretna Green, and after visiting what is apparently the world famous blacksmith shop people elope to - complete with wedding underway, and bagpiper (our first, and only 1 mile from the border) - we made it to Carlisle, faultlessly led by James. We cycled to Warwick Bridge for Mass at Our Lady and St Wilfred's - which interestingly had been designed by Pugin and was absolutely beautiful - before returning to James' for dinner, which was our old favourite... pasta! For dessert James artfully created a culinary masterpiece consisting of Bailey's cheesecake, strawberrys, cream, amaretti, and raspberry coulis. We really, really, really like James.

We would like to end by bidding a fond farewell to Scotland, the country of haggis, kilts, thistles, beautiful mountains, and numerous other delights, too many to mention here. It really has looked after us, both with the weather, and the hospitality of people we have met along the way. If you are one of those people, thank-you!!

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