Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Day 3: God Save Dad's Bike.

Mileage: 70.

Today we achieved something significant: we set off at 7am! Not easy, but something we need to get into the habit of doing. Leaving Perth, we also left behind the rain; another cause for celebration. And all before lunch.

Heading north, we climbed through a heavily wooded landscape to picturesque Blairgowrie- the largest town in Perthshire. From there we continued north into Cairngorms National Park, stopping for lunch in the ski resort of Spittal. The scenery was once again awe inspiring, although the fact that we stopped at a ski resort should indicate how hilly it was!

It was after Spittal we had our first drama of the trip - the spokes on Adrian's rear wheel began to buckle. If you are not a cycling expert, let me assure you that this is a Very Bad Thing, and to be avoided if at all possible. We made it over the mountainous Aberdeenshire border by praying a lot and pedalling very carefully, and were treated to a discount on a new wheel by the kind man at Ballater bike shop once we had reached the town. Crisis averted.

With a fresh wheel firmly in place, we cycled the remainder of our days journey through Ballater to Habitat hostel, glimpsing Balmoral on our way. Sightings of Her Majesty were frustratingly thin on the ground, but we were soon cheered up by steak and pasta stir fry. Please get used to frequent mentions of what we ate for dinner. We love food.

A point worth mentioning: today our fundraising reached £4000! An amazing total! To all those who have donated already - thank-you! To those of you who have not yet done so - please be as generous as you can, and help us reach our target of £7000. The link to our Charity Giving page is on the right of your screen, beneath the charities we are fundraising for.

Pictures are coming soon. Promise!

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