Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Day 4: Ballater to Inverness

Mileage: 76

Today hasn't been quite as eventful as yesterday, which is probably no bad thing. We left again at the very successful hour of 7:20am, and got 5 minutes down the road before we stopped to fix Dad's bike. This went on to be a recurring theme throughout the day. Apparently, the bike is now definitely fixed. We hope.
The rest of the morning was a long uphill climb, in the mist (but no rain) to Tounitol, where we stopped in a fire engine themed cafe. Dad didn't like his sandwich, but was gald of it when he found there were another two hills to go. Lot of hills this morning then...

The afternoon was different- downhill into Granton on Spey, with a most exciting top speed of 49.40 mph, which was probably the most exciting bit of the day. For Anna, anyway... Dad went slower as his bike was breaking. Again. 

In the afternoon, something amazing happened- we had to stop and put on suncream! This was too good to be true- the sun lasted about half an hour, before normal play resumed and the heavens opened. The afternoon's route was along a cycle path running parallel to the A9. It was a bit boring, really- we're glad we took the scenic route through the Cairngorms the previous day.

We arrived in Inverness at 6pm. Tom Parr arrived on the train at 8pm, and began his cycling experience with a round of abuse from two 16 year olds about his 'nice car'. Oh well, he's glad to be here. We think.

And now what you've all been waiting for- we had lasagne for dinner. With melon. It was great.

We're cycling quite far tomorrow, up to Helmsdale. It's good Tom's here, he accidently let slip that he has some space in his paniers.

Dad is very proud to anounce he has now cycled over 250 miles 'in one go'. He thinks he hasn't done this since he was 16. He has treated himself to an early night.

Sorry, yet again there are no pictures- we tried, but the computer wouldn't let us. They are going to be worth the wait, we promise.

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