Monday, 9 July 2012

Day 9: John who? John O'Groats!

Today is le grand depart from John O'Groats southwards to Land's End. Rested after a weekend in Orkney, we left the hostel at 6am to cycle to St Margaret's Hope ferry port, from where we crossed over to mainland UK. We cycled into John O'Groats harbour, to find none other than Greg O'Connor waiting for us! He had a joke, which we thought we would share with you:

Knock knock.
Who's there?
John who?
John O'Groats!

Great to have you here, Greg!

After a cup of tea, we went to the famous sign, and took the photo you've all been waiting for...

We're going on south to Helmsdale, 57 miles. We're writing this in Wick library again- we've been here so many times, they had library cards waiting for us when we arrived! There's other benefits of a bit of route repetition- we actually don't remember much of the scenery from the first time round! And it's good to know exactly where your bed is going to be.

The rain's held off, and as we're heading south, we're now blessed with a good tail wind, having spent days cycling into a headwind... We'll call it training!

Food: Bread, meat, cheese, and pasta. The food of kings.

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