Tuesday, 14 August 2012

To Land's End 2012 Awards Ceremony

At long last, we bring you the only prizes anyone's talking about this summer: the eagerly awaited To Land's End 2012 awards! 

Toughest day's cycle: Bristol to Okehampton. 13 1/2 hours, 113 miles, 4 punctures, one injury, one mad bucking horse, a few too many hills, a broken bike, and an 11pm arrival into Okehampton. One of our more memorable days! At least no one died...
Best scenery: Fort William to Glasgow day. Or the sunset cycling into Land's End.

Best bike: Lucia's Cannondale. Almost the subject of idolatry worship from some.
Worst bike part nominees: Anna's tyres (all 5 of them), Tom's brake pads, Greg O'Connor's back rack.
Worst bike part winner (by quite a distance): Adrian Treloar's back wheel, and its ill-timed dramas at the bottom of Glenshee mountain, the other side from the bike shop.

Favourite food: Apple crumble
Prettiest church: Joint first between Our Lady and St Wilfrid's in Warwick Bridge and St Joseph's in Burslem, Stoke.
Best town: Tough one. Nominations received for Gloucester, Worcester, Penzance, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Ballater, and Kirkwall. So most of them. This award is not sponsored by the UK Tourism Board.
Black hole of the Universe award: Blackburn.

Quote of trip: 'Hole!' Shouted every time there was a pot hole, to the alarm of passing pedestrians...
Biggest lie of trip: Anna- 'It's downhill'.
Song of trip: 'Don't blame it on the sunshine, don't blame it on the moonlight...' Or the Salve Regina.

Best dressed female: Lucia's patterned leggings
Best dressed male: Domenico. Sorry, I mean Greg O'Connor
Best kit award: Ryan Day. Arm warmers. Cleats. Overshoe socks. Class.

Man of the Moors Award: Greg O'Connor
Man of the Mountains Award: Tom Parr
Iron Man Award for cycling through pain: Magdalen Connolly
The Sovereign's Award for Valiance and Blood Loss for the Greater Good: Greg O'Connor
Award for Determination and Resolve: Cammy
The highly prized Joker of Trip Award: Andy
The not-so-highly prized Loudest Snorer Award: Joint first place for Greg and Greg.

The Marmite sponsored 'Love it or hate it' award: Houmous. Or Andy's jokes.
Funny Tan/Burn line Award: Andy. To infinity and beyond.
The 'Michelin Star is a special make of tyres' award for culinary disasters: Tom Parr's porridge... Destroying pots all over the country.
The Really Holey Award for an Unholy Number of Punctures: Anna (10, if you're wondering)
The Wacky Races Award for best no-hands cycling: Lucia
Special Fearless Leader Award: Anna
To Land's End 2012 Gold Star Award: Dom Roche Saunders

That's all for now folks!  Thanks from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers, support and enthusiasm. Till next time!

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