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Our charities

Mary's Meals provides a staple, daily meal in schools for children in some of the poorest countries in the world, thus fighting poverty through tackling malnutrition and encouraging education. The charity feeds over 600,000 hungry children every day in 16 countries around the world. Wherever Mary’s Meals is provided, there is a rise in rates of enrolment, attendance and attainment.

St Pio's friary, Bradford, is home to a Franciscan community, engaging in hands-on work with the materially poor and destitute in Bradford, providing a soup kitchen open daily in the heart of the city. They also serve the mission church of St Patrick's, open daily in the centre of Bradford, and run regular days of retreat and prayer, open to all.

African Mission is a small, UK based charity, with a number of specific projects in various locations in Africa, including schools, hospitals, a residential blind and deaf project, and medical and nursing training in the local community. Through small projects, it aims to
'provide practical, financial and material support to educational and medical projects in Africa, and to fight disease and poverty.'